A shared vision from the Caribbean and Arabian Gulf.


From 2nd to 4th February 2022

(Day 2, main day, days 3 and 4, visits to industries in the Region of Murcia). At the same time, b2b meetings will be held on 2nd February once the day is over.


Cartagena, Murcia-España

Under a transversal approach to sustainability, a shared vision of the challenges, keys and opportunities of collaboration and business for Contract companies in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Arabian Gulf markets will be provided.

// Distinguishing value of the event

Renowned opinion leaders and project decision-makers from the 3 regions will participate, establishing a common thread between them (from Cartagena-Murcia) that will facilitate feedback from the markets.

It is a space for sharing experiences, knowledge, promoting new collaborations and business opportunities.

This Forum will serve to follow up on past actions that have been held physically and online, and to advance future actions such as the Contract Business Meeting that will be held the week of 21st February in Dubai (coinciding with the week of Murcia in the Spanish Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo).

// Event schedule 2nd February 2022 Cartagena-Murcia


Reception and welcome


A shared vision from the Mediterranean area. Current situation and perspectives. Keys, main projects and project areas


Opening of the Mediterranean Contract Forum

Mediterranean Contract Forum Presentation



Cocktail Networking

David Cámara – Plan Contract Curator Region of Murcia / Director of UNEX


Let's Make a Deal. A collaborative/creative response from the Contract value chain to the water challenge and social impact of destinations


A new global scenario: Changes in the way we consume, experience and manage. New needs. Keys, challenges and opportunities for the Contract company


A shared vision from the Caribbean. Current situation and perspectives. Keys, main projects and project areas


End of plenary session

  • Start of individual business meetings
  • Workshop: Craft & Contract



Coffee break


End of day


A shared vision from the Arabian Gulf. Current situation and prospects. Keys, main projects and project areas

Provisional program

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Learn about the changes in the way we consume, experience and manage projects as well as the keys, main challenges and areas of development from experts in the sector.